System Components

woodstuds w disclaimer The CavityComplete® Wall System for Wood Stud with Masonry Veneer has been engineered to bring together sophisticated, category-leading components that are completely compatible*, code compliant and warrantied** to work together to deliver outstanding performance – and bring system solutions to the next level for architects and contractors.

CAD Details

  • Wall Section PDF | DWG
  • Opening Head PDF | DWG
  • Opening Jamb PDF | DWG
  • Opening Jamb with Masonry Return PDF | DWG
  • Opening Sill with Masonry Return Cavity Closure PDF | DWG
  • Wall to Parapet/Roof Transition PDF | DWG
  • Wall to Soffit/High Slope Roof Transition PDF | DWG
  • Wall to Foundation Transition PDF | DWG
  • Floor at Bearing Wall PDF | DWG

Quality Assurance Program

*The CavityComplete® Wood Stud Wall System components were successfully tested and found to be fully compatible with each other in the system. Test results will be available soon at
**See actual limited warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements available at

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